Solves your computer problems

If your computer takes a long time to start, seems generally sluggish – then it may be a sign of viruses, malware, hardware or software problems.

Many programs that you find on the Internet promise that your computer will work much faster than it does right now. In the short term, such programs may appear to make your computer work better, but this is only temporary.

I give you the lowest price that I can by:

  • Not just charging for the entire hour, but also for half an hour
  • Take the bus or bike to you where I can
  • Point out how you can reduce the price by ( e.g. coming to me with your computer)
  • Provide the unemployed, pensioners and students a lower hourly rate
  • Give you 10% off your next service (time, not components) if you refer me to someone who then hires me. This offer does not apply to those who already receive a discounted price.