This is an example of what I can offer. A more detailed description of my services can be found under the title “Services” in the green menu list.

Build you a new computer

Create repair CD's

Upgrading your computer

Clean the inside of your computer

Make your computer work more efficiently

Solve other computer related problems

Help you connect broadband, home networks etc

Help you install software and hardware (ex printer)

If your computer takes a long time to start, seems generally slow - so it may be a sign of viruses, malware, hardware or software problems.

Many download programs that promise that your computer will work much faster than it does right now. In the short term, such programs may appear to make your computer work better, but this is only temporary and I recommend that no one installs such software on their PC!

Call DatorNissen instead. DatorNissen can check your computer for viruses, malware, hardware or software problems, and then discuss with you the best solution for your PC.

I want to try and help small companies and the general public with their computer related problems at affordable prices.

See example of my services to the left. Is there anything else I can help your with? Ring me and we will see if we can fix that as well.

I can be reached at:

Home: 060-10 19 81

Mob: 073-64 202 19

Opening times: 09.00-20.00

Hi folks!

Are you thinking to buy or upgrade to Windows 10? Personally I do not recommend Windows 10! Here is a lot of information in two parts that can help you with this decision.


Part 1: It's about getting your free Windows 10 Upgrade and what you need to know when you install it on your computer.


Part 2: Is partly about the software that comes with Windows 10 and also about two new agreements that Microsoft has created in conjunction with the launch of Windows 10, and it is due to these agreements, I do not recommend Windows 10.