Oh wow! Here Here is an area that one can write a lot about! There are many examples of what might have gone wrong when the computer is not working as you want. Get in touch with me an give me as much information as you can. Try to keep available - such information as what model you have, your serial number, tag number etc.

Common problems my clients are experiencing:

Slow computer

This may be due to a variety of things:

Virus attack

Computer not up to date

Not enough RAM in your computer (Microsoft are often optimistic about what they need)

Computer hasn't been defragmented for a long time.

Dust inside the chassis, or for poor fan system

Old and worn out hard drive

Slow broadband


If you think your computer is sluggish - then it might be a slow broadband connection. You can test your broadband's speed by visiting the following link: www.bredbandskollen.se

Virus attack

Those who create viruses will continue to do so, because they get some kind of kick out of it! If you have a virus - then it is probably due to one of the following:

You have no antivirus software installed

Poor antivirus software (often those which are free)

You haven't updated your antivirus program software

You haven't upgraded your antivirus software. (No good with a 2005 version in 2010)

You have several antivirus programs installed at the same time.

A good antivirus program has regular updates, and should also include features such as anti-spam, anti-spyware and firewall. Check out my links here

Network problems

The Internet isn't working:

Could be the wrong settings

Router or network card may be broken

You may have accidentaly turned off your wireless network. There are often small on/off switches for the network.


Blue screen

A problem with the RAM memory, processor, graphics card etc.

Sometimes new updates for software are not fully tested before being released.

Something wrong with the actual screen


The computer turns itself off

Blue screen (known as the "blue screen of death")

It gets too hot, which may be due to poor fan system, or dust inside the chassis.

Electronic problems

Problems with the software or even operative system


Error messages

If you receive an error message, you should always write down what is reported in the message!


Some problems can be best sorted by reinstalling your com-puter. Click here to see what you should consider before your computer is to be reinstalled.

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