Computers can be purchased at anyone of a number of different outlets - but you don't always get what you would like. Many computers from the well known man-ufacturers come with tons of unnecessary program software which just slow the computer down and take up unnecessary space. Your upgrade possibilities with many such computers are limited to maybe a little more ram memory or a better graphics card.

I can give you suggestions for a computer which suits you and is upgradeable. The advantages with building a computer is that you get the computer of your choice and not what some salesman in a shop would like to recommend to you. I try to influence you only in the sense that you buy environmentally sound compo-nents. The positive side to this is you get a computer that is more energy efficient and can be upgraded in the future - which isn't just good for your wallet - but also the environment.


You decide how and what parts of the building process you want me to complete.

What you should consider before buying a new com-puter is what are you going to use it for. Is it to be a desktop or portable computer. What are your interests? The type of software you need for different interests plays an important part in what type of computer you need.

It is also a good idea to create recovery cd’s which can be of use if your computer needs to be reinstalled at some point..

There is MUCH to consider, but here I only take up the following:

Operative system

Microsoft Windows is not the only alternative. Have you thought about Linux?

Microsoft is for most of you the name associated with computers, but if you compare Windows and Linux - Windows as an operative system is often more demanding on your computers resources than Linux. Another thing to consider is the fact that most viruses today are aimed at Microsoft users.

Linux is less demanding and is free. Being open source most a lot of the program software is free - such as the well known Open Office.

The main disadvantage of Linux so far is that it is still early days in the development and very few com-panies are producing games that can be played on Linux computers.

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Laptop or Desktop?

Desktop computers


Almost unlimited possibilities in terms of content, capacity, etc..

The potential to upgrade various components.

Easier to write and see i.o.m. that you can use keyboard and display of various size and function

Easier to repair if errors occur

Ideal if you prefer to sit at one place with your computer

Life expectancy is generally longer than a laptop and can be optimized with the right fan system etc


Difficult to take with you on the couch

Some of us find it hard to have much to choose from :)

Laptop computers


Easy to take with you

Lightweight (most often)


Less opportunity to correct errors

Often more expensive to replace the components that can be replaced

It is not profitable at the current time to build a laptop yourself

The components are of course very tight inside a laptop, so you can't add for example extra fans for cooling

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