You can improve your computer in many ways. The software can be updated and also the hardware. The result can be a computer you can use for an extend-ed period of time, which is both faster and more efficient.

I am currently developing a service whereby you can maintain your computer by a service contract. More information regarding this will be available as soon as I can...


Cleaning the inside of your computer

Defragmentation (this sorts Windows files, so that they are more easily available and can improve a slow and sluggish computer)

Updating the BIOS (basic input output system) This information determines how the computer will work.

Install extra partitions. (many supplyers sell computers with a huge hard drive but only one partition. Dividing up the hard drive into several partitions according to how you want to save your files can reduce the risk of data loss if the computer crashes)

The removal of programs you do not use or need and by so doing improve start-up times.

Update the program or switch to an eqivalent less resource demanding program.

It is also a good idea to create recovery cd’s which can be of use if your computer needs to be reinstalled at some point..


I can give you advice and tips before you buy new compo-nents, or of even order and install them. By installing new components in an old computer – can give it a ”new life”

Examples of components which can be replaced. (doesn’t apply to all computers)

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Processor – computer’s brain

RAM memory – the computers ability to work with pro-grams. The more programs/windows you have open at the same time – the more memory you need.

Motherboard - all components are attached to the motherboard

Graphics card – gives a good picture resolution


Fans – often omitted but very necessary for keeping your computer cool and extending the life of your components such as hard drive, graphics card etc

Power supply – takes care of power to your components

Hard drive – stores your programs and files


It is also important to create backup/recovery cd's - incase you need to reinstall your computer.

Your computer will need to be reinstalled if you replace your system hard drive. Find out what must be done before a reinstallation here