If you employ DatorNissen’s services – then you can rest assured that you have contact with a guy that is very honest, open and is very environmentally committed.

All of the services listed are for both companies and private individuals..

My hourly rate for companies at the moment is 425 kr inclusive vat. I charge companies no more than 10% for the purchase of components.

I am even in the process of adding extra services such as service contracts and leasing for companies. My idea is that I build computers with both energy saving and envronmentally friendly components. The customer then leases the computers from me and by so doing create a environmental profile for their company. I will, of course, maintain the computers for a monthly cost to the customer. This of course leads to reduced energy consumptions for companys leasing from DatorNissen and reducing their impact on environment.

All the above services lead to reduced energy con-sumption and computers working more effectively.

What a service contract could include

A service agreement should include regualar servicing according to the specific requirements of the customer for example:

Internal and external cleaning of the computer

Updating of program software, and BIOS

Removing unnecessary programs that the customer doesn’t need especially many of the duplicated services that start with the computer (which cause long start up times)

Create repair/recovery cd’s


What a leasingcontract could include :

Computers(here - can purpose built environmentally friendly computers be an alternative or that DatorNissen builds environmentally friendly and energy efficient computers according to the customers specific requirements.

Install program software according to the customers needs

Updating computers in the future with newer more efficient components according to the customers requirements.

Remote desktop is a way to remotely control the updating of computers for the customer and by so doing cut down on the need for on site control which leads to reduced impact on the environment.