I try to explain things without too many technical words

In the case of computer related problems - I usually work for an hour to try and fix the problem but at the same time try to get an idea what the problem might be and how long it should take to fix it. The cost of repair is entirely related to what the problem might be. After about an hour I should be able to give you an idea of how long and how much it will cost to fix the problem. This also gives you the opportunity to say no if you don't want me to continue or if the problem will cost more than it is worth. I will point out that computers are unpredictable at times and things don't always go to plan.

I always use an antistatic band and antistatic mat when I'm working with the inside of a computer.

I do a backup of your files in case your computer is reinstalled, and follow a checklist to make sure that I did not forget anything important.

I treat all information with confidentiality and am happy to provide a confidentiality agreement if you would like that as well.

Before returning your computer I always makes sure that it has been updated with the latest software updates from Microsoft.


Almost everything we buy comes with a warranty. The warranty that applies when purchasing goods from Dator-Nissen is the standard warranty given by manufacturers and suppliers. Often the warranty on electronic goods is 1 to 2 years. For more information on your rights as consumers click on the link below. Also attached is the relevant guarantee/defective goods information as PDF files.



Upgrading computers is often a way to extend the life of your computer and by so doing reducing your impact on the environment. But computers are complicated and even with new components installed it doesn’t necessarily mean that you wont have problems in the future.

If a problem arises after I have fixed another – doesn't automatically mean that I have caused it. If I install a new hard drive in your computer – then that will improve your computer but doesn’t automatically mean that nothing else will go wrong with your computer in future.

If something goes wrong with your computer as a direct result of what DatorNissen has done – then of course it is up to me to fix it for you.

"A mutual trust and respect for each other is an absolute necessity for both a happy customer and DatorNissen."

If you are still left wondering about anything - then please get in contact with me and I will do my utmost to answer your enquiries to your satisfaction. You can contact me via telephone, email or my contact form - which can be found here.