Suppliers of computers and computer accessories:

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They are in Birsta City. They have a wide range of computer products, with friendly staff and a good sense of customer service. I highly recommend them!


One of the best Internet stores that I know of. Huge selection and fast service. A must for all computer enthusiasts!


Another exellent choice if you are buying stuff to your computer.

Antivirus programs:


Bitdefender has proven to be an excellent complete anivirus program software (anti-virus, spam, Internet security, firewall) Bitdefender offers protection for one, three or five computers at great prices.


Eset is also an exellent anti-virus software. Unfortunately, they are more expensive if you need to protect multiple computers.


McAfee is a long established and is a safe bet in the security industry.


Kapersky has been slowly but surely built up a name you can trust in computer security


F-secure is a popular choice of anti-virus protection for three of the top broadband suppliers in Sweden. Telia, Bredbandsbolaget and Comhem work closely with F-secure to give anti-virus protection to their customers.

I heartily recommend Telia,Bredband-sbolaget's and Comhem's customers, who do not have more than one computer, to contact them. Unfortunately, if you have several computers to protect - it becomes more expensive...

Photo Developing:


When developing films I use Lofoto. They are a local company with a completely sealed chemical process. Plus they have good quality photo paper.



Here we have a company run by a guy who has a real feel for a good personal service for his customers.

If you are looking for a battery for a laptop, camera, mobile phone or battery charger for a laptop or camera – then is the place for you!

Niclas Malm has all of the above and much more…

It is really nice to know in these times that there are companies who have not forgotten the importance of making the customer feel truly welcome!

Thanks Niclas!


Broadband providers:

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