I would like to devote these pages to Linux in order to give those interested in an alternative operating system - somewhere to begin!

OK! There is a long history before Linux and that deserves a mention. What I would like to say is that the information surrounding the history before Linux is a little heavy going for this particular forum - and therefore I will give appropriate links for those of you who would like to dig a little deeper.

My first introduction to computers was when my girlfriend bought our first computer through the company she was working for. The computer was a Compaq Presario and had the well talked about at the time Windows '98. I should point out that I made a comment about computers previously to the effect of "you will never catch me sitting in front of a computer". It still makes me laugh just remembering that statement......

OK! Why did I get involved in Linux? Well, it started out with me learning about Windows and after my first computer crashed I became interested in the workings of Windows. I was at my local gym chatting to the guys there about computers and Kent, a guy I have known for several years now mentioned about an alternative to Microsoft's Windows and that the alternative was Linux.


"Linux? what is Linux, I asked" I can't remember Kent's exact words but something on the lines of "If you are really interested in computers at the programming level - then Linux is something for you."

Since that first encounter with Linux - I have tested many different variations from Slackware, Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, Mandriva, Sabayon....the list goes on. I have enrolled on so many forums that I have lost count. Slowly by slowly I have learned a whole lot about Linux and have helped many on forums around the world and by the same token - many have helped me! Linux has become synonymous with a family of people that have a desire to help each other and the camaraderie is quite special!

OK! If I haven't bored the pants off you - then let's look a little closer at the time before Linux and where it all started.