If you use the Century Gothic typeface in your document, save ink when printing.

The best course is to not print anything at all, save paper.

If you're buying a new printer so please choose one where you can print double sided.

If you print your digital photos I recommend Lofoto, partly because we should support local businesses, and partly because they have a completely sealed chemical process. Plus, they have high quality photo paper

Think before you buy a new computer. Perhaps it is sufficient to replace a component or two on the computer you already have.

Clean the keyboard regularly with a micro-fiber fabric. Less risk of germs.

Keep potted plants in the room who are good at cleaning the air such as cold peace, especially if your computer is new.

If you sit for long periods at the computer - then you should remoisturise your exposed skin.

For your own health, you should start a new computer in a well ventilated room and leave the room. There are chemicals on the computer that will evaporate from the computer when it gets hot. Let it stand, alone, for a day.