Using a kettle for tea, coffee, etc.

Turn off as many appliances as possible. (Not have them on Stand By)

Unplug battery chargers when not in use

Buy energy efficient computer components when it is time to buy again.


Ecolabeled, green label office supplies (paper, binders, etc.)

Refillable pens

Paying with bank cards reduce the paper consumption

Invoices by email

Paper - use both sides. Reduce the use of paper

When printing such as manuals, etc. I try to change the font to Century Gothic, which reduces ink consumption.read more


Reuse / recycle electronics, cardboard, plastic, metal, etc.

No advertising in my mailbox

In some cases, donating old computers, com-ponents to the Västermalm school students who are on IT-related programs)


Travel by bus / bike / walk whenever possible

Combine several errands on one trip

When I use the car - it is an ethanol driven one.


DatorNissen has become a member of SAMT

(Sundsvall business network for environmentally driven growth)

Only larger companies tend to become members. For me, they made an exception due to my environmntal goals and a clear environmental profile. Want to learn more, visit: www.sundsvall.se/samt

For the project SAMT - "Miljökompassen" have helped me to clarify my visions and priorities in DatorNissens environmental work. My coach in this venture has been Anders Strindholm.


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