Always turn off the computer and the computer screen completely. Besides the fact that you are wasting energy unnecessarily, you are reducing the life expectancy of your computer's com-ponents.

Even printers and other peripherals should be turned off completely.

If you are going to buy a new computer - then there it is more environmentally sound to build the computer yourself, or get help with that if you need it. There are more opportunities for upgrad-ing a computer you have built yourself than most of the known names in computers today. Home built computers generally have a longer life span and that means less electronic waste which reduces your impact on the environment and in the long term saves you money.

If you going to discard your computer, you can:

Contact me - I can take care of it

Dispose of it in the right container for electronic waste at your nearest recycling station. Slänga den i rätt kärl på närmaste käll-sorteringsstation – alltså den för elektronik. A computer - among other things - contains heavy metals.

Shut down some programs that start automatically when you start your computer. Many of them - you have no use for and by so doing you save energy and make your computer go faster. I can help you.

Ask the dealer for the most environmentally friendly option when buying a new computer or new components.

There are Swan marked computers, both desktop and laptop, aswell as monitors. Fujitsu and Lenovo have many and even Olidata S.P.A have some. A computer with a Swan label means among other things that:

Low energy usage

Prohibit the most dangerous flame retardants. The control of only the solutions that cause the least damage to the environment are used.

Low noise

The computer must be able to be upgraded for longer life

Make sure you have power saving mode turned on - on your computer.

Take care of your computer. Maintain your computer so tha it lasts longer.

Turn it off when not in use

Remove the dust inside the chassis - but be careful you do not come into contact with any components. Do not use the vacuum cleaner!

Your system hard drive is usually one of the first things to fail. It is often necessary to buy a new hard drive after 3-4 years. Of course newer and more energy efficient hard drives are coming on the market nearly every day.