By Bus

Both line 2 and the shopping shuttle that travels to Birsta go by way of Bosvedjan.

If you are coming from town:

The bus passes CityGross and OK petrol station on the right side and then turns left

The bus goes past Bosvedjans center on the right hand side (with, among other things Erikshjälpen)

It then passes a kindergarten bythe forest on the left side of the right hand curve. You can now press the "stop bell".

The bus stops in between two groups of flats.. Go into the courtyard (house group F). Follow the buildings inside the area until the very last building on the right hand side. Proceed to the last entrance on your right and you have found 83 C.

By Car

You can take the E4 from Sundsvall:

Take the exit for the hospital. You can see City Gross on your left from the motorway. Keep bearing right until you come to the roundabout- turn right into North Road

Head north on North Road past City Gross

Turn left after you passed the OK gas station's (unmanned mini petrol station)

Drive past Bosvedjans small shopping center located on the right hand side

Continue on past the "Skogsbackens" pre-school which is on the left of the right hand bend

The road is now quite steep and you will pass a bus stop further up on the right

Turn right into the parking lot located directly after the bus stop. You've come to the house group F's parking lot

You can park your car to the right of the turning area which is further inside.

See also map