Kjell & Company

I often buy goods at Kjell & Company in the Birsta City shopping centre and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to my customers.

Ed Snyder

Ed has helped me enormously with my website. He comes from the United States, and provides, among other things, web design. His greatest passion, however, is building his own flavor of a Linux operating system called Liquid Lemur.

Västermalm Skola

Västermalm school will gratefully receive computers that are due to be taken out of service. They can use these computers for teaching their students that are taking computer related courses.


I shall let Börje tell you about Seniornet himself.


At SeniorNet you can (+55 years old) attend courses in computer skills and meet other members on theme days and courses that are conducted in levels from beginner stage to include basic skills and advanced courses in various programs.


It is not necessary to start at the beginner's course if you think you manage a higher level.


We are currently 15 trainers who train you without compensation for our time in order to keep the charges to you as low as possible


We have rented space in the ABF premises in Sundsvall where we hold our courses during the daytime.


Please contact Börje Aslund for further information.


Tel 060-35180

Mobil 070-9351809