You can also read about this under the title SECURITY, REFERENCES,ENVIRONMENT that I have a "F - skatt" tax certificate., so if you employ my services you can be sure of that:

I give you the lowest price that I can by:

Not just charging for the entire hour, but also for half an hour

Take the bus or bike to you where I can

Point out how you can reduce the price by ( e.g. coming to me with your computer)

Provide the unemployed, pensioners and students a lower hourly rate

Give you 10% off your next service (time, not components) if you refer me to someone who then hires me. This offer does not apply to those who already receive a discounted price.

I'm easy going and try to explain things without too many technical words.

When helping your with a computer related problem - I usually work for about an hour trying to solve the problem. If after an hour I haven't fixed the problem - then I can usually give you an idea of how long and how much it will cost to fix it. This gives you the customer a chance to say yes or no to my continuing after the first hour. But please bear in mind that computers can be very unpredictable some times and don't always respond how we would like them to.....

It is difficult to find help anywhere else unless you have a friend who is knowledgeable, or if you have difficulty in understandung the computer support offered via telephone. Unfortunately, businesses likle Media Markt and Siba have no real support to offer.

I am fluent in English because I am actually English. But don't worry I speak fluent Swedish as well!