I started my business Computer Nissen November 1, 2009. I primarily provide computer support to small businesses and private individuals. I have the F-Skatt tax certificate and company name registered at The Companies Registration Office. I have a "small companies insurance" to protect me and my customers.


My interest in computers has steadily grown from a "you will never catch me using a computer" to the thousands of hours I have spent working with them. I love poking around in them to see what makes them tick.


I have always been interested in electronics and after my own computer crashed the first time - decided to learn all I could about them.

When choosing an operative system - then my real love is Linux and a Linux variant called Dreamlinux.


I started off helping friends and family and the questions "why don't you start your own company" started to ring in my ears. After doing a little research - decided there is a need for those like me who can fix the problems that drive everyone a little crazy from time to time.


Many of my customers find that it is hard explaining computer problems to a cumputer support service on the end of a telephone. Part of the problem is that the support guys don't always explain things in laymen terms. The fact that I make house calls makes this communication easier.

Dagbladet, a local newspaper, have a supplement called "mer äffärer" (more business). In December 2009 - they did an article about me. I have attached the article for those of you who would like a little more information about me. You can read the article here.

Also read about my business and my environmental work. Information on prices and payment methods can be found under the heading SERVICES

I chose the name DatorNissen because Nisse is a sort of "Jack of all trades" here in Sweden, is easy to remember and describes in what branch I am in.